About us

ABC-PAK is a family business founded in 1991. Since the very beginning we have been producing disposable tableware, made of the highest quality solid cardboard.

Since 2002 we have been based in our spacious facilities in Sompolno, at ul. 11 Listopada. Every year we invest in the modernization and expansion of the plant’s machinery. Currently we employ 75 people who produce 130 different items, which puts us in a position of the unquestionable leader of the sector in this part of Europe as far as the size and potential of our production resources are concerned.

ABC-PAK offers a wide assortment of the highest quality products, which attract a lot of business from the Polish market but also from Western and southern Europe, where we currently sell over 65% of our products. We introduce new articles for sale every year, making sure that we adjust the design and functionality of our products to your needs. We are glad to be able to present you with ecologically clean products, whose production and further use have no adverse impact on the environment.

We will be happy to answer any queries you might have and hope to be able cooperate with you in the future.

Paper - the future of food packaging

The cardboard we use in our production process combines tradition with the latest trends, while it also remains more environment-friendly than any other packaging material.
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