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ABC-PAK offers the highest quality products in full awareness of the fact that nowadays more and more people choose ecological, environmentally friendly packaging. Therefore, in order to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and meet their growing expectations we make sure that the ecological aspect is always at the centre of our thinking.

One of the distinctive features of our products is renewability. The cardboard that we use in the production process is characterized by a high content of fresh cellulose fibres which biodegrade rapidly and can be easily recycled. In January 2013 we became a holder of the FSC certificate, which confirms that our paper originates exclusively from legal sources, managed under a proper forestry resources policy. The FSC certification also guarantees that the raw materials we use originate in countries which do not violate human or social rights or use child labour. In this way we are able to offer products that are aesthetically pleasing and functional while being safe and environmentally friendly.

It is commonly thought that the production of paper and cardboard packaging contributes to the devastation of the environment and depletion of forests. However, the facts – a few of which are quoted below – tell a different story:

In the past 50 years the forest area in Europe increased by 30% and now represents 44% of the total surface area; at the same time the production of paper increased from 25 to 100 million tonnes. Every year there are 1/3 more trees planted than felled in Europe and 98% of all wood is obtained from sustainable forestry sources. Each felled tree is automatically replaced by a number of newly planted ones, which means that the production of paper does not deplete forests but contributes to their continuous growth. Only 1% of paper production is based on wood obtained from tropical forests.
Over a half of all paper in the world is produced from …recycled paper. Paper is the most recyclable product in the world, with a level of recovery in the developed countries of approximately 70%, as compared with the equivalent figures for metal which is 36%, glass 22% and plastics only 7%.
Recyclable paper is processed a few times before it becomes paper again and it is also used in the production of biofuel; the entire cycle is therefore 100% friendly to the natural environment.

ABC-PAK has for many years promoted ecological, renewable raw materials and uses them in the production process. With the daily choices we make, we all contribute to the cleaner environment for ourselves and for future generations.

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